Tuesday, 28 February 2012

The Next Quilt................

My niece Kelly and her baby Sophie loved the quilt I made for them and have asked me to make a larger one.  I have just bought these pre-cut squares which Kelly likes so will be using them to make the quilt, Kelly loves Cath Kidston and this will fit very well in Sophies bedroom.

I have also decided to have a go at making a little dress for Sophie, I haven't attempted to make any items of clothing for about twenty years!  I've found this pattern which I though was really sweet (and doesn't look too difficult) I can read a pattern so should be able to manage it.............I hope.

I have chosen this fabric as I though it would suit Sophie quite well, the dress has a contrast yolk..

I will be using this fabric for the main body of the dress...

I hope it will turn out ok, I'm a bit apprehensive but will take it slowly and do my best, she won't be needing it until the summer so I have time.

I will post pictures along the way of both of these projects.

See you again soon.....


  1. Sophie will look gorgeous in her new dress and I am sure that you can make it. Pretty fabric.

  2. Sophie is very lucky. Where did you get the pre cut squares from Rosie? I used to love the ones that Laura Ashley did. xx

    1. HI Diane

      I got them from Ebay, that seller seem to always have them, 40 squares, usually I end up paying around £5 - £6.

      Regards Jill x

  3. Lovely choice of fabrics, Princess Sophie will look stunning in her new dress!!!!